No need to send your samples and orders overseas, we are proof that quality still exists in the USA. To obtain a quote, please send us a Spec Sheet, fabric sample, and quantity needs. We will send you a detailed and competetive quote.

Hi-Tech Specialty Fabrics, LLC
219 Bellinger Lane
Gaston, SC  29053
Fax:  (803)926-4810
Our success has been  built on turning extremely complex specs into high quality woven industrial fabrics that surpasses our client's expectations.  Our future is built on making our customers successful!
We specialize in:
* PVC, Urethane and Silicone treated fabrics
* Cotton - light and heavy weight fabrics
 * Many different patterns
*Yarn types - High strength, low elongation and moisture resistant
* Custom engineered fabrics using yarns such as:
- Kevlar - Nomex - Fiberglass - Coated and specialized Heat Resistant Yarns
- Monofiliment - Polypropylene
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We specialize in high quality industrial fabrics using state of the art machinery for the industrial industry.  Our expert technicians work with the simplest to the most complex designs on the market.  Let our experience work with you to design industry standard fabrics or custom fabrics for your application or needs.